Elmo Mineral Based 20W50 Heavy Duty is formulated to provide the highest level of protection for old or worn diesel engines, large or small, non-turbocharged and turbocharged. It is ideally suited to vehicles that have travelled higher kilometres and require the added wear protection or oil loss prevention of a higher viscosity engine oil. Elmo Mineral Based 20W50 Heavy Duty can also be used in higher ambient temperatures or prolonged hot running conditions.

Product benefits include:

  • Formulated for older high kilometre diesel engines requiring extra protection
  • Thicker viscosity slows oil loss and burning in worn diesel engines
  • Greater engine protection for older diesel engines and high temperature conditions
  • Suitable for all, turbocharged and non-turbocharged diesel engines
  • Provides superior protection for LPG, CNG and dual-fuel system vehicles
  • Minimises sludge deposits to keep your engine cleaner
  • Superior deposit control reduces soot and prolongs engine life
  • Reduces oil consumption and the need for regular top-up
  • Ideal for older fleet use

Pack : 5 Liters